[ALBUM/DVD] DBSK Collection

This list included all new and old DBSK album~
*will be updated from time to time~ :okay:

NameItem code
Full album (K) Tri-angleA092RM 77
Full album (K)Rising Sun A093RM 78
Full album (K) O-Jung.Ban.Hap (CD+DVD) A079RM 74
Full album (K) O-Jung Ban Hap (CD +28pages booklet) AA079RM 74
Full album (K) Mirotic (B Version) A077RM 78
Compilation album Christmas Gift from DBSK A103RM 77
Full album (J) Heart, Mind, Soul (CD+DVD) A090RM 98
Full album (J) Five in the Black (CD+DVD) A087RM 97
Full album (J) Five in the Black (CD) A088RM 84
Full album (J) T (CD) A097RM 89
Full album (J) T (CD+DVD) A098RM 110
Full album (J) The Secret Code (2CD+DVD) A084RM 125
Full album (J) The Secret Code (2CD) A085RM 102
Compilation album Best Selection 2010 (CD) A054RM 80
Compilation album Best Selection 2010 (CD+DVD) A055RM 92
Compilation album Best Selection 2010 (CD+DVD) A056RM100
SingleThe Way You Are A111RM 65
SingleShow Me Your Love (DBSK & Super Junior) A091RM 65
SingleSomebody to Love A113RM 69
SingleMy Destiny A112RM 69
Single明日は来るから (CD) A110RM 69

明日は来るから (CD+DVD)

A109RM 81
SingleRising Sun/Heart,Mind,Soul (CD+DVD) A108RM 81
SingleBegin (CD+DVD) A107RM 81
SingleSky (CD+DVD) A104RM 81
SingleSky (CD+booklet) A105RM 69
SingleMiss You/O-Jung.Ban.Hap (CD+booklet) A102RM 61
SingleChoosey Lover A089RM 68
SingleLovin You (CD) A122RM 69
SingleLovin You (CD+DVD) A123RM 81
SingleSummer Dream A121RM 68
SingleShine/Ride On (CD+DVD) A120RM 80
SingleForever Love (CD+DVD) A119RM 80
SingleTogether (CD+DVD) A118RM 77
SinglePurple Line A099RM 68
SingleTwo Hearts/Wild SoulA117RM 68
SingleClose to You/Crazy Life A116RM 68
SingleBeautiful You (CD+DVD) A086RM 80
SingleDōshite Kimi o Suki ni Natte Shimattandarō?A096RM 68
SingleBolero/Kiss the Baby Sky (CD) A114RM 72
SingleBolero/Kiss the Baby Sky (CD+DVD) A115RM 84
SingleSurvivor (CD) A094RM 65
SingleSurvivor (CD+DVD) A095RM 78
SingleShare the World/We Are (CD) A082RM 70
SingleShare the World/We Are (CD+DVD) A083RM 84
SingleStand by U (CD+DVD) A081RM 84
Single Break Out (CD+DVD) A044RM 85
Single Break Out (CD)A045RM 70
SingleToki Wo Tomete (CD+DVD) A147RM 78
SingleToki Wo Tomete (CD) A148RM 65
Other single COLORS 〜Melody and Harmony〜 / ShelterA078RM 77
OSTVacation OST A106RM 65
Live Concert (CD) First Tour Rising Sun (2CD) A124RM 78
Live Concert (CD) Second Tour 'O' A100RM 76
Live Concert (CD) Third Tour Mirotic A101RM 88
Live Concert (DVD) First Tour Heart,Mind,Soul A125RM 120
Live Concert (DVD) Second Tour 'O' A126RM 134
Live Concert (DVD) Third Tour Mirotic A028RM 165
Live Concert (DVD) Third Tour T (Korea version) A034RM 170
Live Concert (DVD) Fourth Tour The Secret Code (Korea version) A035RM 130
DVDHistory of Japan Vol. 1 A127RM 120
DVDHistory of Japan Vol 2 A128RM 120
DVDHistory of Japan Vol 3 A129RM 128

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