[UNOFFICIAL] 2PM - Light Stick

2PM Light stick
Item code : b-001 / b-002 / b-003 / b-004 / b-005 / b-006 / b-007 / b-008
Price : RM 35
b-002 : Junho
b-003 : Junsu
b-004 : Nichkhun
b-005 : Jaebum
b-006 : Taecyeon
b-007 : Chansung
b-008 : Wooyoung
Item code : b-009
Price : RM 20
Item code : b-010/b-017
Price : RM 23


JiM_gOcRaZy said...

Love it wanna order right after rcivin my things!!!!! I love the new 1!!!!!!!

Ecah said...

you have balance RM10 with me..
do you want me to keep it to deduct with this lightstick??
if not, I will post back your balance ^^

Madeline said...

hi im from spore
you attending mnet singapore on 4dec?
cause i wanna buy the lightube from you

Ecah said...

i'm not attending it coz i'm going to jay park's fan meeting at the same date..
and i'm not selling lightstick to those who going to bring it at concert sooner..coz the item always arrive late..
i'm afraid u will get the lightstick after the concert ^^