[UNOFFICIAL] A.N. Jell Phone Strap Cleaner + Glow in the Dark *SPREE*

A.N Jell Phone Strap

Item code :

Phone Strap with screen cleaner

yb-005 (Shin woo)

yb-006 (Tae Kyung)

yb-007 (Jeremy)

yb-010 (group)

Phone strap with glow in the dark function

yb-008 (Tae Kyung)

yb-009 (Shin Woo)

Price : RM 40 +RM 4 (shipping)


momoe said...

57 tuk satu strap all includin all phone strap?

Ecah said...

rm57 for 1 strap..
but the price not confirmed yet~
might be reduced to rm50~

Ecah said...

forgot to add..
might be reduce to rm50 or below~ ^^