[DVD] Big Bang - Big Show 2010 DVD

Big Bang - Big Show 2010 DVD

2DVD + Photobook (160 pages) + Card + Poster

Item code : A219
Item price : RM 120 + RM 12 (shipping)

Released Date : 19 Aug 2010


ichi said...

this cd trmsk spree sme k? coz i want to buy it^^

Ecah said...

just check with the respective supplier, that the poster already sold out~
if u want to join special spree, can't help u with the poster..
if you still want the poster, u can join in normal spree.
coz my other supplier still have it ^^
*this special spree involve one of my supplier only*

Emina said...

which region is the dvd, can u play it in europe?:S

Ecah said...

this dvd is region code 3, so it can't be play at europe..so sorry =_=