2AM (Saint o Clock)
2NE1 (To Anyone)
2PM (Don't Stop Can't Stop / Still 2:00pm)
4Minute (I My Me Mine / HUH)
After School (Bang)
Bad Guy drama poster
Baek Ji Young (Timeless)
Beast (Beast is B2ST / Mastermind / Lights Go On Again)
Big Bang (2010 Calendar / Big Show 2010)
Boa (Copy & Paste / Hurricane Venus / Identity / White Wishes)
Boys Over Flower drama
CNBlue (Blue Love - Type A & Type B)
Coed School (Something that is cheerful and fresh - 2 sided poster)
DBSK (Best Album)
Epik High (Run)
FT Island ( Beautiful Journey / Flower Rock)
Fugitive Plan B drama
G-dragon (Heartbreaker / Shine A Light - Type A/B )
Hwanhee [FTTS] (H-Hour)
Infinite (First Invasion)
Jay Park (Nothing on You - Type A/B)
JYJ (The Beginning)
Lee Hyori (H-Logic)
Mblaq (Oh Yeah! / Y)
Miss A (Step Up)
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho drama
Narsha (1st mini album)
Orange Caramel (1st mini album)
Rain (Back to the Basic)
Se7en (Digital Bounce - Type A/B)
Secret (Madonna / Secret Time)
SG Wannabe
SHINee (Lucifer / Hello)
Sistar (Push Push / Shady Girl)
SNSD (Oh! / Hoot)
Son Dam Bi (The Queen - Type A/B)
SS501 (Destination)
Super Junior (Boys in City 3 / Bonamana - Type A/B/C)
Taeyang ( Solar international ed)
T-Ara (Absolute 1st album / Breaking Heart)
T-max (Born to the max)
Trax (1st mini album)
U-kiss (Conti Ukiss / Break Time)
Wonder Girls (2 Different Tears)
You're Beautiful drama
ZE:A (Nativity)


Item price : RM 30 + RM 8 (shipping) *with tube*
additional poster : RM 25 + RM 0 (shipping) ^^

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